Ray Jaurique & The Uptown Brothers

Sweet Soul Blues

Ray Jaurique and The Uptown Brothers are a singer/songwriter/guitar player and three seasoned musicians who are focusing on one thing: Presenting well written, soulful songs, written & sung by Ray. It’s the job of the guys in the band putting a little icing on this musical cake.

More than once the question has come up. “…Well what (or who) does it sound like?”  The short answer might be “well… it sounds like Ray & The Brothers”.  But when pressed to compare, it might be accurate to point to one part Sam Cooke, one part Albert King, a pinch of Albert Collins, one part Delbert Mc Clinton, a touch of Keb Mo’, some Van Morrison with a little Holland- Dozier- Holland thrown in.

What seems to separate this band from so many others is the focus on original roots and blues music that is so accessible it makes it easy to tap your toes. First time listeners comment that Ray’s songs seem so familiar that they swear they may have heard at least one of his songs before. 

Its a little taste of blues, a bit of soul, it rocks, it rolls, it swings and after a couple of listens you can sing along. (It’s pretty friendly stuff.) Its music about love, heartbreak, bad times, good times, romance and in the end, making the most of life.  

               We’ve found it goes well with good friends, good food, and should you choose, a frosty beverage …or three. Add a pair of comfortable shoes and a dance floor to all of this we think you’ll be in pretty good shape.


Ray Jaurique, Also known as "RayJay"

Is Ventura California's own Live Wire Bluesman. The California Native Has been known around the area for his soulful singing and powerful guitar work. Since the release of his band’s 2014 CD, many are saying he may be one of the best singer/song writers locally or anywhere else. While the band still covers some favorites, the focus is now on his ever growing catalogue of original songs. With the help of his Uptown Brothers you’ll hear this heartfelt  material that many are saying is long overdue. We think you’ll agree and we hope you like what you hear

Photographer: Terry Bert

Musician: Ray (RayJay) Jaurique

Venu: Canyon Club Agora 2015

The Latest in a long line of local Soul-Blues bands is Ray Jaurique & The Uptown Brothers.. One Of the Best Blues Bands.
— Bill Locey, Ventura County Star

Kirk Maxson
(lo notes)
Kirk is known far and wide as one of the best at what he does. Ray & Kirk go back many years  when they were both part of Ventura’s iconic Blue Stew. So when the time for a replacement came it was only natural he got the call Kirk. He’s a friend, a great bass player and one hell of a good guy. He brings lots of groove, respect for space and great tone, what more could a band ask for?

Photographer:Bill Leighton

Musician: Kirk Maxon

Venu: Concerts By The Sea 2017

Ray is a Great song writer. I highly recommend this CD. Songs of Trouble times, songs of good times, great hooks.. A job well done. Ray Was able to achieve the feel of old classic recordings with a very current traditional and contemporary feel.
— Michael John, President Ventura County Blues Society

Michael Golden
(drums, very few vocals) 
This guy has played up and down the West Coast for 30 plus years. Since his 2004 move to So-Cal, he’s been in the drum chair with folks from Santa Barbara to Sacramento, from Memphis to Hollywood.  Before working with Ray, Mike may have been best known locally as the founder of The Front Street Prophets, (who backed Ashford Gordon’s return to the stage in and later backed Jodi Farrell).  He co- produced and played on the recent release by Ray & The Brothers , produced The Prophets’ CD in 2010,  Sacramento’s Linda Bracamonte  Band’s  “Champagne, Rain, Rhythm & Blues” in 2003 and Stark Rhythm Maniacs’ “Play It Loud” .

Photographer: unknown

Musician: Michael Golden

Venu: Plan B Wine Cellers

We love, love, love Ray’s music!
— Jennifer Mason Golden, Central Coast Live Radio

Anthony DiChiacchio
(Keyboards & Vocals)
The two years Anthony spent with the Front Street Prophets saw him play Tenor Sax and Guitar, he now is the keyboard player and primary backing vocalist for The Brothers.  His past includes playing both coasts and being part of the music of people like Peter Wolf, Chuck Berry and a few other notables

Photographer: Bill Leighton

Musician: Anthony Dichiacchio

Venu: Concerts By The Sea 2017


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